The Future!

Today marks a milestone in the annals of Space Pirates history (Simon: Snort! He said “Annals.”) The final episode of Season One premieres today. I know, I know. Technically, it’s the final scene of the first episode of Season One, but all those terms got so confusing Goop turned royal blue.

Please enjoy this saga we have presented for your viewing pleasure. By starting from the beginning, you can now watch a complete story start to finish.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t wanna watch that two second intro movie forty-two times! That’s like, eighty-four seconds of my life I’ll never get back!” Never fear, time-conscious Pirate fans! In the near future, we will be posting the entire 42-episode saga in a single video. But let’s make a deal. We give you a comfortable viewing environment, and you tell your friends about our awesome web series. Deal? Do we have a deal? Say yes. Say yes or you get nothing!

Here is more good news. We are deep in production on the second episode season of SPACE PIRATES IN SPACE. It picks up right where Episode Season One leaves off. How will Jaime cope with her sister’s startling reappearance? How will Calliope cope with this spaceship full of morons? Which lovely crewmember will Simon be hitting on when he humiliates himself first? The answers to these questions and more will be yours later this year. So stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this process. We can’t wait to bring you more free and funny cartoons. Tell your friends!

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Exciting News

Hey friends — announcement time. We are adjusting our release schedule so that we can bring you new and exciting content more consistently. The show will now release new episodes once a week on Thursdays. And hopefully, this will allow us to go seamlessly from episode 1 into episode 2. Production of Ep2 is well under way, and we can’t WAIT to share it with you. Stay tuned.

A new chapter of Space Pirates in Space will premiere this Thursday. It’s a good one!

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Notes on Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

Watch: Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

Can you believe it’s almost been ten posts since my last blog update? BAD SOCIAL MEDIA GURU. BAD. The good news is we’ve had plenty of time to review all the spam comments that have appeared on the blog since then. For a long time it was just hiking boot companies and feminine hygiene product manufacturers saying generic stuff like “I agree with what your blog post has to say!” But now the spam has taken a turn for the bizarre. It’s like, snippets of long discussions about OTHER shows, like Master Grade Gundam and Game of Thrones and stuff. Weird, weird, weird. These people don’t even seem to have an agenda. Who are you people? And what have you done with our many fans who write things like “Hooray! Space Pirates in Space is the best web/comic/animated/series/thing I’ve ever seen!”?

A couple of exciting milestones are worth announcing. @SpacePiratesX passed its 1,000th follower on Twitter, although after cleaning out some of the spambots we dropped a little below that. But we’ll get it back! Because you’re going to retweet Space Pirates in Space to all your friends. Right? Right!?

We are also excited because a new permanent cast member will be joining the show in the next episode. Spoiler alert! Who could it be? It’s a mystery. Find out this Friday!

Finally, several cast members will be convening this evening to record dialogue for future episodes of Space Pirates in Space. So stay tuned! The fun is just getting started.

Watch: Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

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Notes on Episode 01.13 – My Favorite Scene

Watch: Episode 01.13 – My Favorite Scene

Greetings, brand new pirate fans! You may be wondering, what exactly the heck is going on with today’s episode. You are correct, at six seconds, the episode it is shorter than the intro graphic to the episode. But you have to look at the context. Once it is between 01.12 and 01.14 in a long sequence of scenes, you are going to love it. In the meantime, I love Manchego here. If there is any doubt as to his total badassery, let that be put to rest. The sudden start, the sudden stop, The Man Manchego’s mission. Kleeb’s pounding score.

I love this man.

Watch: Episode 01.13 – My Favorite Scene

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Episode 01.12 – Very Sneaky, Lieutenant

Watch: Episode 01.12 – Very Sneaky, Lieutenant

We are in the midst of a Twitter push, following fabulous folks far and wide. We’ve chosen some comic and animation people we love and asked them to come check out the site. It’s worked! We’ve doubled our Twitter followers in just 24 hours. So, new people who are not robots, we thank you for coming with us on our adventure.

If you like what we’re doing, tell us! Better yet, tell your friends! The more the merrier. And if you have a question about what we’re doing, drop us a line in the comments. We’d love to answer viewer questions.

Watch: Episode 01.12 – Very Sneaky, Lieutenant

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Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

Watch: Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

Wow. Ten videos. You know, when we first decided to get into this whole web comic / animated series / awesomeness thing, most of the good advice we received was to make at least ten cartoons before you actually post it to the internet. Why? Because before you commit to making an on-going series, you have to make sure it’s something you actually want to do. You have to make sure you’re capable of maintaining a production schedule. If you can do ten, you can do anything!

The Space Pirates in Space team waited until we had forty-something cartoons in the can, because we’re total screw ups and wanted to play it safe. So, good news! You are going to get a lot more Space Pirates, even if we totally bomb now. But we won’t. We’re gonna keep! On! Trucking! Just for you.

Watch: Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

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Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

Watch: Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

Not much to report. Production for Episode 2 is well under way. You are going to LOVE it and you don’t even know why yet.

In other news, we deleted a spam comment today from someone called “Boobsods.” We don’t know what a boobsod is, but it will probably be featured in the aforementioned Episode 2.

The Boozy Blog gets lots of spam — but it’s easy to spot. What we do, is we look at the comment, and if it’s on this blog, we know it’s spam. Why don’t you make this job a bit more difficult, and post some comments on the blog? Ask questions! Tell us we suck. Believe it or not, we’ll respond! Trust us. We have nothing better to do.

Watch: Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

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Episode 01.08 – This Is Your Captain

Watch: Episode 01.08 – This Is Your Captain

Hey, this is a bit behind, but here’s a post on episode 01.08. What is there to say? Great interplay between Aaron and Chris in this one, and dang, Arth can deliver a thunderous speech.

Watch: Episode 01.08 - This Is Your Captain

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Episode 01.07 – Enter Manchego

Watch: Episode 01.07 – Enter Manchego

I’ve often wondered what the limits of our little endeavor are. A web comic could never do what we did with this episode. It just goes to show the special stuff that an animated web comic can do that a regular web comic can’t. What do you all think? Did we pull it off?

This episode also introduces one of the most beloved characters among the cast and crew, Gunnery Sergeant Abe Manchego. Just wait until he speaks. Know him. Love him.

Til next time, pirates…

Watch: Episode 01.07 – Enter Manchego

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Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

Watch: Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

One of the great things about working on Space Pirates in Space is the ensemble. We are a collective creative organization, rather than the brainchild of a single creative mind. The best part for me is working with the many talented actors who voice characters on the show. On most animated series, like The Simpsons or Venture Bros, the same five or six actors voice almost every character on the show. We take the opposite approach, and try to bring in as much talent as possible. You’ll see this more as the show progresses, but for now I wanted to introduce you to one surprising actor.

My ITP classmate Ryan Viglizzo was nice enough to do a cameo as Dave, the groovy partygoer who haplessly answers Arth’s phone call to the Merry Tassel. Ryan is not an actor by trade, merely a smart and freakishly athletic displaced Californian studying here in snowy New York City. His smooth and natural easy-going voice gives Dave the authenticity that role requires.

1,000,000 thumbs up!

Watch: Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

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