Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

Watch: Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

Wow. Ten videos. You know, when we first decided to get into this whole web comic / animated series / awesomeness thing, most of the good advice we received was to make at least ten cartoons before you actually post it to the internet. Why? Because before you commit to making an on-going series, you have to make sure it’s something you actually want to do. You have to make sure you’re capable of maintaining a production schedule. If you can do ten, you can do anything!

The Space Pirates in Space team waited until we had forty-something cartoons in the can, because we’re total screw ups and wanted to play it safe. So, good news! You are going to get a lot more Space Pirates, even if we totally bomb now. But we won’t. We’re gonna keep! On! Trucking! Just for you.

Watch: Episode 01.10 – Report to the Bridge Immediately

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