Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

Watch: Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

One of the great things about working on Space Pirates in Space is the ensemble. We are a collective creative organization, rather than the brainchild of a single creative mind. The best part for me is working with the many talented actors who voice characters on the show. On most animated series, like The Simpsons or Venture Bros, the same five or six actors voice almost every character on the show. We take the opposite approach, and try to bring in as much talent as possible. You’ll see this more as the show progresses, but for now I wanted to introduce you to one surprising actor.

My ITP classmate Ryan Viglizzo was nice enough to do a cameo as Dave, the groovy partygoer who haplessly answers Arth’s phone call to the Merry Tassel. Ryan is not an actor by trade, merely a smart and freakishly athletic displaced Californian studying here in snowy New York City. His smooth and natural easy-going voice gives Dave the authenticity that role requires.

1,000,000 thumbs up!

Watch: Episode 01.06 – Very Odiferous

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