Notes on Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

Watch: Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

Can you believe it’s almost been ten posts since my last blog update? BAD SOCIAL MEDIA GURU. BAD. The good news is we’ve had plenty of time to review all the spam comments that have appeared on the blog since then. For a long time it was just hiking boot companies and feminine hygiene product manufacturers saying generic stuff like “I agree with what your blog post has to say!” But now the spam has taken a turn for the bizarre. It’s like, snippets of long discussions about OTHER shows, like Master Grade Gundam and Game of Thrones and stuff. Weird, weird, weird. These people don’t even seem to have an agenda. Who are you people? And what have you done with our many fans who write things like “Hooray! Space Pirates in Space is the best web/comic/animated/series/thing I’ve ever seen!”?

A couple of exciting milestones are worth announcing. @SpacePiratesX passed its 1,000th follower on Twitter, although after cleaning out some of the spambots we dropped a little below that. But we’ll get it back! Because you’re going to retweet Space Pirates in Space to all your friends. Right? Right!?

We are also excited because a new permanent cast member will be joining the show in the next episode. Spoiler alert! Who could it be? It’s a mystery. Find out this Friday!

Finally, several cast members will be convening this evening to record dialogue for future episodes of Space Pirates in Space. So stay tuned! The fun is just getting started.

Watch: Episode 01.22 – Let’s Get Naked and Relax

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