Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

Watch: Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

Not much to report. Production for Episode 2 is well under way. You are going to LOVE it and you don’t even know why yet.

In other news, we deleted a spam comment today from someone called “Boobsods.” We don’t know what a boobsod is, but it will probably be featured in the aforementioned Episode 2.

The Boozy Blog gets lots of spam — but it’s easy to spot. What we do, is we look at the comment, and if it’s on this blog, we know it’s spam. Why don’t you make this job a bit more difficult, and post some comments on the blog? Ask questions! Tell us we suck. Believe it or not, we’ll respond! Trust us. We have nothing better to do.

Watch: Episode 01.09 – Are You Looking at Porn?

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