Episode 01.05 – A Bucket or Something

Watch: Episode 01.05 – A Bucket or Something

There are buckets all over my apartment, to catch the last remnants of Hurricane Sandy and the runoff from my perpetually defective sink. The bad weather hasn’t done too much to derail Space Pirates in Space. Our release schedule has remained intact, and our numbers are about what I expected at this point in the game.

But there has been a pretty substantial loss of power and transportation to much of New York City, which means I haven’t been able to get to school, and that has had an effect on SPiS that you wouldn’t expect. Classmates with far greater technical know-how than I have been doing lots of wonderful work for me, including whipping the website into shape. The week before Halloween, we were about halfway there, and planned on doing the other half Monday the 29th. Miss Sandy had other plans.

And so you’ll notice the bottom half of our website still looks like yesterday’s newspaper. School starts up again this week, so hopefully I can get someone to do my job for me, and clean up all that social media stuff soon. This is important because it allows you, loyal readers, to follow the Boozy Dragon with ease.

While we still have our scaffolding up, get a head start on staying up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and do us a kindness by sharing our show with your friends and family. Spreading the word is reward enough for us.

Watch: Episode 01.05 – A Bucket or Something

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