Episode 01.04 – Captain Dave

Watch: Episode 01.04 – Captain Dave

You’ll notice that I have changed our method of notation for individual episode chapters. There is kind of a science to coming up with something that works. It’s harder than it looks. For one thing, there is the question of how to break down and define the individual cartoons that make up the SPiS story. Our team has a lot of story to tell, enough at least for several seasons worth of traditional broadcast television. (You heard it here first, folks. We know exactly where we are going, and we know how we are going to get there (at least I do.))

For the most part, these stories will be broken down into episodes that are about thirty minutes long (also like broadcast television). Each episode is then broken down into smaller videos, which are the semi-weekly updates that you have been watching and enjoying. Internally, we have been calling these videos “chapters.” (Actually, for the most part we’ve been calling them “Ep-cha-uh…what were we calling these things again?”) This is the breakdown. 30-50 chapters make up an episode. Several episodes make up a season, and several seasons would make us really happy. That said, we reserve the right to play with form as we go forward. I am really interested in playing with our web comic roots, and having a collection of one-off cartoons, rather than thirty-second increments of a longer story (not all the time, just when we write stuff that we think is funny).

So now the old notation probably makes sense. 10103 means (Season)1(Episode)01(Chapter)03. Oy. But now we’ve simplified it! Episode 01.04 means Chapter 04 of Episode 01. Done and done.

Another consideration is cramming all the text we need into Youtube video titles and tweets. When the title of your video is “Space Pirates in Space: Episode 01.03 – The Sinister Voice of Artholomew Marvelas,” those 140 characters go pretty darn fast.

We are learning as we go here, people.

Watch: Episode 01.04 – Captain Dave

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