Scene 10101: We Are in a Laboratory

Watch: Chapter 01.01 – We Are in a Laboratory

A bit of a laboratory, anyway. The Space Pirates team is trying something a bit different here, so tell us what you think.

You see, this isn’t a web series in the traditional sense. It’s not like Red vs Blue, or Megaman Dies at the End, or any any other serialized web animations, as awesome as those are. We are speaking quite literally when we say “animated web comic.” The pacing of Space Pirates in Space is more like Questionable Content than South Park. Imagine each scene happening in just four panels, and you’ll get a better idea of what we are trying to do here.

The goal is to update the site every Tuesday and Friday with new scenes, but we are in constant production, so if we get far enough ahead of you all, we will definitely accelerate our release schedule.

In the meantime, enjoy Space Pirates in Space! We are honestly very jealous of you. A great journey is about to begin. Fantastic new characters are coming up, hilarious adventures, and more than a couple dirty jokes. So stay tuned!

Watch: Chapter 01.01 – We Are in a Laboratory

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