Introduction: Trailer



Chapter 01: We Are in a Laboratory

Chapter 02: The Great Destiny

Chapter 03: The Sinister Voice of Artholomew Marvelas

Chapter 04: Captain Dave

Chapter 05: A Bucket or Something

Chapter 06: Very Odiferous

Chapter 07: Enter Manchego

Chapter 08: This Is Your Captain

Chapter 09: Are You Looking at Porn?

Chapter 10: Report to the Bridge Immediately

Chapter 11: Are You Going?

Chapter 12: Very Sneaky, Lieutenant

Chapter 13: My Favorite Scene

Chapter 14: Manchego Speaks

Chapter 15: We've Got Pirating To Do

Chapter 16: Here's the Plan

Chapter 17: Now That You Mention It

Chapter 18: Let's Split Up

Chapter 19: The Captain's a Good Guy

Chapter 20: Another Excellent Plan

Chapter 21: Is That a Spa?

Chapter 22: Let's Get Naked and Relax

Chapter 23: Ruby

Chapter 24: Your Counterpart's Chamber

Chapter 25: Safeword

Chapter 26: Cucumber!

Chapter 27: It Looks Like You're on a Luxury Sex Cruiser

Chapter 28: Spa Time with Goop and Simon

Chapter 29: You're Not Getting My Beach House

Chapter 30: I Would Crush That

Chapter 31: This Is My Sister Jaime

Chapter 32: A Voluptuon Sex Priestess

Chapter 33: Abilities

Chapter 34: Trophy

Chapter 35: You Could Be My Concubine

Chapter 36: I Won the Limbo!

Chapter 37: Robo Brother

Chapter 38: Code Violet

Chapter 39: I Know What Real Fear Is

Chapter 40: My Beautiful Booty

Chapter 41: We've Gotta Get Outta Here

Chapter 42: Welcome to the Starship Boozy Dragon